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Watch Your Favorite Shows on Demand

Turn your Desktop or Laptop into a TV! Stream live TV anytime, anywhere! Don’t miss a single episode of your favorite shows. Stream channels like ESPN, Fox News and CNN right from your desk at work. Watch the hottest series from Netflix® and HBO®. Want to switch from Netflix® to Hulu™ to Amazon® Prime and back again without wasting any time? Your Television Now has you covered.

There are many streaming options to choose from but only Your Television Now is a free tool that takes all of the online streaming options available, and brings them together in one place. Whether you want to watch free TV or get easier access to your streaming subscriptions, Your Television Now is your one-click guide to the world of Internet TV. Download Your Television Now and start watching instantly!

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Watch Live Sports

Whether you are a football, basketball, soccer or baseball fan, it can be a challenge keeping up with your favorite teams, especially when you are not at home. Stream every important play from March Madness® to NASCAR® right from your computer.

Keep tabs on your fantasy players, get the latest news and never miss a single game; even if your team isn’t the home team. If you live and breathe sports, you need Your Television Now!

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Catch Up on the Latest News

News happens when you aren’t near a television. Get live breaking news from trusted national and local news outlets. Don’t scroll through miles of news sites trying to find the stories that matter to you. Instantly stream live newscasts from Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.

Watch local news from cities around the world and stay informed, anywhere! Download the Your Television Now app and get the news that matters to your world.

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